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You are in the right place if you are a motivated, high-achieving woman looking to unlock your powerful potential to create your soul-level life that changes the world, feels authentic, and joy-filled. 

You've seen success in your life, but you feel like there is something more waiting for you. There is something blocking you from unlocking your full powerful potential. You have struggled with this block for long enough, and now you are ready to release it, to reveal your authentic self and inner light. To be unapologetically you.

Past trauma, your inner stories, and your lived experiences such as childhood hurts, can impact how you show up in the world.

You have always pushed yourself and expected success, but you have not felt you could shine just as you. It's not your fault!

Your body stores all your old emotions, the anger, sadness, and shame, that keep you feeling like you are not enough. Releasing old beliefs and healing around past hurts will help you feel confident in yourself as a woman, mom, and businesswoman so that you can trust your intuition, knowledge, and skills & show up in the world the way you want. 

Hey there, I’m Landy,

I'm Landy Peek, I help high-achieving successful women unlock their powerful potential by helping them reset their stress response and let go of past struggles, so that they can reveal their authentic true selves and step into their soul-level work and life. I'm a mom of two and love to spend my time outside hiking in the mountains. I love my two giant dogs and my chickens. 

For most of my life, I never felt like I was good enough. I was the model student, daughter, wife, and therapist. On the outside, I looked near perfect, but on the inside, I worried I would never be what the world needed me to be. I had repeatedly dimmed my inner light to be who they needed. I was stressed and I pushed myself harder to be better, but as I gained outside accomplishments I still was not happy. My journey to healing my body and emotions after birth led me to discover the tools to reveal my true authentic self and in doing so step into my soul-level work. 

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