Hey there, I'm Landy Peek and I am a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, Women's Health Pelvic Therapist, OT, & Success Coach, for you, the motivated, high-achieving, professional mama who knows you are meant for a world-changing impact. I help you end negative self-talk and heal around your past struggles & trauma so that you can live unapologetically and create your highest-level life.

Did you grow up with big dreams of helping people and making a difference in our world? Me too! But it wasn't until recently that I felt like I could actually make that difference. I kept getting stuck trying to people please and not believing I was good enough to do big things. Perhaps creating your dreams has been a struggle along the way? I can relate!

I always thought that if I just worked hard enough, I’d achieve everything I dreamed of. But as I accomplished more I still did not feel confident in who I was. I let worries about what others expected of me prevent me from truly following my dreams. I felt unseen and unheard. 

It wasn't until I was forced to pause after I experienced a prolapse postpartum did I really start to find my true purpose in life.

My prolapse diagnosis led me to a new career in pelvic health, which I loved, but growing a business made me face all of my own self doubts. As I pushed myself in new ways I found I felt more insecure. Imposter syndrome and feelings of failure became a daily battle. On the outside I looked like I had it all together, but inside I was dying. I was trying to be the perfect mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter, therapists, and business women. I got good at pushing past my insecurities as my business coaches pushed me, but with each new public show I would retreat in tears to hide.

My inner thoughts were my biggest block to reaching the success I dreamed of. 

I started to dive more into learning about how my thoughts were dictating my life. As I dove deeper I realized how much my childhood experiences colored how I saw myself. I felt like a fraud and thus a failure. It was almost like I was living two lives. One the world saw and the fragile one on the inside. I struggled to ask for help at home and with my business feeling like I need to prove I could do it all on my own. I felt overwhelmed and drained. I wasn't being the mom or wife I wanted to be. I felt like I was going to have to choose between my dreams and my family because I couldn't keep going like I was. 

Then the unthinkable happened. 

I was diagnosed with a rare degenerative eye disease. My world stopped as I faced the thoughts of losing my vision. My priorities changed. My body had been depleted with the stressors of motherhood and entrepreneurship. I was forced again to pause and this time I had more resources in my hand. I completely shifted how I saw my life, my goals, and my priorities. I realized both my dreams and my family were important to me. I couldn't give up my dreams. I needed to figure out a way I could do both and thrive not just survive.

I needed to protect my self by creating strength within myself to put boundaries in place around my time, honor my own needs above others needs, and give voice to my shutdown inner little girl. 

My own trauma and inner child work began. I began working with a somatic experiencing therapist. I realized my nervous system was constantly on high alert giving me that anxious feeling and the need to hide. After allowing my body to tell my stored trauma stories and shift back down to a calmed state, magic happened. 

I was no longer reactive. I no longer felt the need to hide with big stressors. It was freeing. I also started supporting the little girl inside who had too often in her life dimmed her light. It was almost like I reparented her bringing in the support she needed. I allowed her to take up space, to be seen, and to be heard in a way I couldn't as a child. My body had held untold stories and as I allowed these stories to be shared in a way that supported me, my inner talk shifted. I stopped feeling like a failure. I stopped worrying I was letting others down. I started allowing my true self to shine. And it felt AMAZING! Once I let go of my protective shields I could finally step into my true purpose. I knew I was doing the work I was put on this earth to do when a client told me "I am inspired by what I see as I think you have truly found your calling and committed to it. Excellence is a pleasure to witness (and even more to benefit from!)."

I let my inner little Landy finally shine.

I believe that when you have a gift, you are MEANT to share it with the world. Sometimes it feels difficult to uncover our true gifts because of all the worries that we carry around.  I so often felt like I had more to share, but couldn't figure out what I was supposed to be doing. I realize now each of my experiences gave me the tools I need now. As I became unapologetically me, I could also encourage my daughter to shine her own light. 



When you’re ready to make a to step into your true power and let your inner little girl bring back the glitter, I encourage you to connect. We’ll heal around your past inner hurts so that you can shine in the world authentically as you and create the life-changing impact in people's lives you are meant to make. We’ll ensure that you feel SAFE and SECURE as you create unwavering boundaries, build unbreakable confidence in yourself, and know you are imperfectly perfect just as you are. 

You are here for a reason, and you have incredible gifts and talents that were meant to be shared in the world! Let’s get to work and start unlocking your powerful potential.  


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