Hey there, I'm Landy, and I help moms who have experienced difficult or traumatic births heal physically and emotionally from their birth experience so that they can create a strong bond with their baby and become the joy-filled, fun-loving mom and woman they are designed to be.


Birth Trauma

In this video, Landy defines birth trauma and gives some ideas of how you can begin to facilitate healing in yourself and others.


Healing From a Traumatic Birth

You prepared for birth, took all the classes, read all the information, and wrote out the birth plan...only to have your actual labor and delivery not turn out the way you expected.

If you're struggling with a traumatic birth experience - if you had an emergency C-Section, your baby had to be revived, your words weren't respected, or you experienced other pelvic trauma - we are here for you.

We will compassionately walk you through taking back your voice and your power so that you can create a strong bond with your baby and feel like you again. 


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 Landy is compassionate, wise, intuitive, and deeply cares about my whole-woman well-being. Just  having virtual appointments has empowered me to change my life and body."

- Nicole R.


Work with Landy...


This mini-course will walk you through how to use the mind-body connection to rewrite your birth story bringing the support and respect you needed in the moment to empower you and shift the negative emotions surrounding your birth to a birth experience that feels complete and positive. 

This Mini-Course walks you through: 
  • Why when you re-write your birth story the actual experience and your rewritten story walk side by side but your emotions get attached to the new story.
  • The secret to rewriting your birth story bringing in the support & respect you needed and kicking out anything that did not support you.  
  • Finding safety within your own body.  
  • How to use safe scents to calm your body. 
  • You will be guided through mind-body connection techniques to repattern your birth story so your emotions become attached to the supported version of the story instead of continuing to be stuck in the stressed pattern. 
When you join you will receive...
  • Instant access to 5 video modules that will walk you through the proven mind-body connection system to release negative emotions from your birth story by rewriting your story in a way that empowers you.
  • Journal prompts that guide you through the rewriting process
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If you struggle with your body as a mom and you want the exact steps I take my 1:1 pelvic therapy clients through to end pee leaks, stop pain with sex, and end your struggles with your diastasis recti then Best You After Baby. 

In this course, you will learn...
  • How your feet impact your pelvic floor and how changing the way you stand can stop your leaks.
  • How pressures in your tummy (think breath-holding) can start or stop leaks and how you can easily change your patterns.
  • How to heal your diastasis recti and get your core supporting you again.
  • Why releasing the tightness in your scar can end pain like magic and the easiest way to release your scar to end pain with sex.
  • The essential technique you need to fully heal your body and emotions after trauma.
  • Why Kegels will actually make your pee leaks worse and what to do instead. 
  • How to know when it is safe for your body to get back to exercising without worries of leaks or pain. 
When you join you will receive...
  • 8 Easy to Follow Modules that will walk you through the exact steps I take my 1:1 private pelvic therapy clients through to end the pain with sex and pee leaks. 
  • A Supportive Private Community of Moms Like You.
  • Live Support From Landy.
  • An Easy to Use App to Access Your Private Portal: Watch Where & When You Want.


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