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Unapologetically You: Creating Strong Boundaries Around Your Time & Energy

When you enroll you get immediate access to...

  • 6 Video Trainings taught by Landy Peek, Certified Birth Healing Practioner, Trauma Therapist, and Trauma-Informed Success Coach.
  • Simple step-by-step instruction on healing around boundary breaches and how to create powerful boundaries around your time and energy to give you the freedom to be you and live the unapologetic life you desire.
  • Training on how to support your clients in creating boundaries to improve their lives and confidence.
  • Clarity on your deal-breakers in life and business.
  • Creating a clear vision of your unapologetic life and your next best step to your highest-level life.  
Learn mind-body connection and somatic principles to create powerful boundaries for life-long success. You have a powerful purpose and you need Unapologetically YOU to step into your highest-level life and services. 
This mini-course shows you how!


In this course we will cover:

Day 1: How to identify Your Boundaries with Clarity
Day 2: Identify Boundary Breaks and Heal Around Past Wounds
Day 3: Set Firm Boundaries and Easily Identify Boundary Breeches
Day 4: Create Boundaries Around Your Work and Time
Day 5: What Do You Stand For? Identify your deal breakers in life.
Bonus: Powerful Meditation Stepping into Your Unapologetic Life.


This course will walk you through...

  • Using simple sayings to say "NO" with a smile and leave no hard feelings.
  • How to create clear boundaries around your time and energy using simples strategies.
  • You get a PROVEN strategy to easily create clear concise boundaries to prevent burnout and energy drain. 
  • How to heal around past boundary breaks from family or others and let go of the negative feelings around them.
  • How to quickly and easily identify when someone crosses your boundaries.
  • How to create strong boundaries through clear communication that feels easy. 
  • Get clear on what you are okay with and what are deal-breakers in your life so you are confident in your choices and as showing up authentically as you in the world.
  • Create a vision of your Unapologetically YOU life. 

What People Are Saying:

Landy offers business mindset and organization strategies that are easy and quick to put into action and bring results. I love her way of explaining things and how natural she is in her approach. Everything she does is from her heart AND experience as a heart-led entrepreneur. There’s also nothing better (in my mind) than learning from a fellow OT who’s a few steps ahead in their business. She’s been there and knows. I think I have skipped a few of my own business challenges with her support. Thank you, Landy!!

Hillary Valentine

Working with Landy has been an amazing experience. I have worked with other business coaches previously that gave me a list of things to do and some guidance but I still felt stuck. Landy helped me to work through my roadblocks, view my business mindset in a different way and get to the root cause of why I was feeling stuck. She is so kind, understanding, and encouraging. I highly recommend working with Landy if you’re ready to make changes in yourself and your business!

Sarah Saum

I loved learning from Landy, she is passionate about her purpose, and the way she delivered her message really spoke to me in an impactful way. Her teaching was packed with tiny nuggets that have profound effects. Thank you, Landy!

Krista Ann