You have a powerful gift to share with the world. 

You can stop searching for the magical answer that will bring you success. The magical answer is not out there somewhere. No, the answers to a successful business are right inside you.

Past experiences (think childhood) that left you feeling unsupported or emotionally hurt can leave deep imprints causing you to feel like you need to save the world. They plant beliefs that you are not good enough, smart enough, or organized enough. 

The secret to helping you step into the amazing you with an incredible practice is healing and releasing your past traumas and inner self-talk

As long as you continue to carry in some way the belief that you are not enough, you will continue to self-sabotage and hold yourself back from the life you are meant to live.

Let Go of the Doubts

Limiting beliefs are often planted when we are young. They are things we were told about ourselves or about our family. We often hold onto these beliefs as the truth.  They are not true and we sometimes have no idea they are the reason we feel stuck. 

They often come from childhood and are stored in your tissues deep in your body. Each one lives in a different spot and creates all those doubts and insecure feelings. 

Together we will help you find exactly where they are, what they are, and what they look like. We will then release them and replace them with something positive so you feel confident in who you are and finally feel unstuck.

Let go of the feeling that you are not enough, not smart enough, organized enough, all the not enough's that keep you feeling like you have to do it all and are not worthy of the abundance you desire. 

Healing the Deep Wounds 

The deep hurts can create trust issues within yourself.

They keep you from feeling like it's not ok to be YOU in the world.

You may feel like you are the only one you can depend on.

You may feel emotionally triggered by client stories, or feel like you need to save the world. These deep hurts steal your freedom to be you.

Together using mind-body connection to heal the deep hurts from your body, your birth, your past, and even ancestral patterns that are preventing you from shining as your true authentic self. 

Gain Clarity for Your Life

Ever wish you had a guru to just tell you exactly what you need to do to make your practice a success?

I know I did.

I want to share a secret. You have every answer you are looking for inside of you.

My job is to ask the right questions to help you use your intuition or inner guide to find the answers you are looking for.   

Know your message. Know your ideal clients. Know your dream business. 

Trust You

Your intuition can guide you every step of the way. It just takes learning how to use it.

What does intuition feel like in your body?

Can you hold a question and know if it feels good in your body? Can you feel if it is the next step you need?

Do you know where it sits in your body and how to use it effectively?

I will help you know and trust your intuition by helping you feel it in your own body. Trusting your intuition gives you the freedom to make the best decisions for yourself. Using your intuition makes business feel easy and brings joy into your practice.

Are you ready to release the feelings of being not enough, get unstuck, & create a life that feels good and brings you joy?

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Unapologetically You 

This 5-Day Mini-Course walks you through...
  • How to support your clients and yourself to identify boundaries with clarity.
  • How to support your clients and yourself to identify boundary breaks and heal around past wounds.
  • How to support your clients and yourself to set firm boundaries and easily identify boundary breaches.
  • How to support your clients and yourself to create boundaries around your work and time.
  • How to support your clients and yourself to identify your deal breakers in life.
  • Bonus: Powerful Meditation Stepping into Your Unapologetic Life.
I Want In!

1:1 Coaching

Unlock your powerful potential so that you can step into your soul-level work and life. 

We will use a mind-body connection approach to reset your stress response and repattern inner beliefs and past trauma so that you can unlock your powerful potential to create the life you want. 

In this high-level coaching, we will combine mind-body connection strategies to heal around the past with forward-thinking coaching to help you step into your highest-level life.

Are you a successful woman, yet you feel like there is something more, and like something is blocking your success?

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Group Coaching

Rebel HealHers is a 3-month group program that helps you end negative self-talk and heal past hurts (like that time when you were 8 yrs old and felt like a failure) so that you stop worrying about what others think, release your money hang-ups, have the confidence that you are the bad-ass professional that creates a high income and even bigger impact.

This program has little to do with business strategies or anything of that kind. Instead, it is about growing and healing within and reviving positive beliefs that will catapult you to the top of your career.

Remember that little girl who wore glitter, rocked way too big high heels or superhero capes? The one who dreamed big, laughed loud, and didn't care what others thought?

Let's bring her back. She is still inside you. But this time let's give her the tools she needs so she never feels like she can't be her true incredible self again. 

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